are your it employees being headhunted

Why it’s a Good Sign when your Employees are being Headhunted Part 2

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Keeping Your Best People On Board

Now that you know what makes headhunters come knocking, learn how to make your best people stay on board.

At this point, you might be starting to panic a little bit. You might even be tempted to keep your best people under wraps, if for no other reason than to keep the headhunters from calling. However, there is no need to panic.

Remember: When your employees are receiving calls and offers about other positions, it’s a sign that you have the right people on board. If no one else is interested in your employees, they could be lacking certain in-demand skills or traits, which could mean that your company isn’t operating to its full potential.

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In either case, as a manager or business owner, it’s important that you both develop employees to work to their full potential and create an environment that makes them want to stay even when they receive calls from recruiters. Ask yourself what you’re doing to ensure your best people stay with you, and what you’re doing to create a strong team. For example:

What is your training and development plan? Studies show that ongoing training and education is a significant factor in both employee’s satisfaction and loyalty to a company, and overall job and company performance. Are you offering ongoing training opportunities, like the online IT training offered by ITProTV, or leaving employees to their own devices to improve their skills?

What are you doing to develop loyalty? Larger salaries are often a deciding factor in an employee’s willingness to stay with their company. While you may not be able to match a competitor’s offer, you can create loyalty by offering incentives for performance and other benefits that keep an employee interested in working for your company.

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is your team headhuntedDo you support employee goals? Employees are more likely to remain with an employer when they feel supported and understood, and that there is potential for growth. Do you know your employees? What are their goals, and how can you help them reach those goals? Work with your team on goal setting and provide support and resources for them to continuously improve and grow, and recognize their achievements. When someone feels supported and knows that they can move up the ladder with their current employer, they are more likely to stay.

Hearing that other companies are trying to recruit your best employees can be upsetting, but it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. In fact, it often means you are doing something right. Work toward developing a team that’s attractive to other companies and an environment that they don’t want to leave and your company will be even more successful.

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