Where to Find Online Accredited Axelos Training?

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You may have noticed that a lot of online training providers no longer have Axelos content on their sites. If your online training provider has suddenly removed their Axelos courses or you’re having trouble finding it online, it’s due to a policy change from PeopleCert, the examining body for Axelos best practice.

Late last year PeopleCert implemented a policy that changed the online training provision for accredited Axelos content.  This policy now requires any learner to purchase an exam voucher before accessing learning material for Axelos certifications. This change was not conducive to subscription learning services, so many platforms are no longer able to offer Accredited Axelos content, including ITIL, Prince2, and others.

Don’t worry, because we’ve put a process in place at ITProTV that allows us to continue providing you with accredited Axelos courses, online and on-demand, all at your convenience. So, if looking for online training to get certified in Accredited ITIL, Prince2, Management of Risk, and AgileSHIFT, ITProTV has you covered.

ITProTV has multiple membership options for individuals and teams to meet your training needs.

If you’re already an ITProTV member and have any questions about this new requirement, chat in with our member services team using the orange chat bubble on the site.