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What to Look for in an Online IT Training Course Part 1

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When you’re looking to invest in an online IT training program, you have plenty of options, from free courses to full distance degree programs. If you were only selecting for yourself, the choice might be easier, since you are likely to know exactly what you need in terms of course content and learning environment.

When you are looking for a course provider to offer training to your employees, though, the decision is a little tougher. You need to find a course that will appeal to a wider audience, offer a variety of course types, and accommodate various learning styles. Choose the wrong provider, and you could end up spending a lot of money for not much return.

Unfortunately, cost is often the deciding factor for most course selections, and that doesn’t always lead to the best decisions. Check out this white paper with the Top 5 Complaints Employees Have About Company Sponsored Training.

Who Will Be Taking the Courses?

The first question to consider is who will be taking the courses. Are you catering to entry-level employees who are seeking their first certifications, or more advanced workers who need to refine or update their skills, or a combination of both?

The training course that you choose should have course and training options geared toward your organization’s learners. A program that only offers beginner courses for those new to IT, or advanced courses for those preparing for certifications, when your workforce is mixed, is not going to meet everyone’s needs and is likely to leave some feeling left out or frustrated.

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What Subjects Are Offered?

learn it online with itprotvIdeally, the course provider you select should offer a wide array of course subjects related to your company’s needs. If you are a Cisco shop, a course provider that doesn’t offer any Cisco-related courses is not going to be of much use to your employees.

It’s also important for the courses to be relevant to the company’s current configuration. One common problem with online IT training is that companies often update their systems before the online training is updated, creating a mismatch in skill delivery. If the courses offered by the training provider are not in line with the company’s current configuration, it’s likely that your staff will lose interest and the courses will go unused.

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