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What to Look for in an Online IT Training Course Part 2

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Who Is Providing the Training?

In part one, you read about what kind of training is available to you.

In many cases, the success or failure of a training program comes down to the instructor or training provider. A knowledgeable, engaging instructor can improve understanding and make a complex task manageable, while a less enthusiastic or prepared instructor can make the topic even more confusing.

Investigate who is teaching the courses and their qualifications; if possible, sign up for a free trial or sample course to get a sense of how the courses work and what students can expect.

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Investigating the provider goes beyond checking out the course instructor and delivery, and reviewing the course support as well. If something goes wrong, is there a point of contact to call for assistance? What type of support is there? This is especially important when you are working with a course reseller, as you want to know exactly who will be providing your support services.

What Type of Training Is Provided?

online it training coursesOnline IT training courses run the gamut from self-paced, video-based courses like those offered by ITProTV, to asynchronous courses and “live” classrooms where students can log in and interact with the instructors and other classmates at a set time.

Generally, most employers find that an on-demand setup works best since students can work at their own pace and select courses when they need them, but which is best for your company depends on who will be receiving the training and the specific subject matter. In many cases, training providers offer mobile courses as well to allow for on-the-go learning, which is helpful for busy professionals.

When evaluating the actual training, consider how students can practice and gauge their learning as well. How are evaluations provided? Courses that include quizzes, exams, (or practice exams for certification courses), as well as additional resources and materials, help your employees measure their learning and identify areas for improvement, while also providing you with evidence of the success of the courses. In addition, hands-on learning labs within the class shell will give your employees a safe and controlled environment in which to practice their learning, an important part of the process.

Evaluating different online IT training options can be time-consuming, but when you put in the time, the payoff is a better educated, better-prepared workforce, and a better, more successful investment. To learn more about ITProTV’s expansive selection of on-demand courses, and sign up for a free trial, click here and see how you can get your company on the path to enhanced knowledge and greater productivity.