Three things you need to know to get started in cybersecurity

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Do you want to get started in a career in cybersecurity but aren’t sure what your first steps should be? There is a huge demand for people like you to build great careers in this growing sector. According to CyberSeek, there are more than 700,000 jobs needed in the  cybersecurity field.

Starting any career can feel daunting, but part of what we do at ITProTV is partner with you as a lifelong career guide, so you don’t have to navigate upskilling and progressing through your career alone.

Here are the skills you need to get started on your career in cybersecurity:

• Must be proficient in operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple macOS, Apple’s IOS, and Android.
• Must have knowledge of networking: If you don’t know how networks work, you won’t be able to secure them.
• Know security fundamentals: Just like anything, you have to lay a good foundation before you’re able to understand or use more advanced tools and techniques to secure a network.

Kickstart Your Career With Training

Get an overview of the top key courses to give you the foundation to advance in your cybersecurity education: