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5 Security Certifications That Will Boost Your IT Career

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If you have been on the fence about whether or not a security certification would benefit your IT career, the short answer is – yes. Putting in the time and effort to earn an in-demand certification can significantly boost your salary. Also, it may open doors to a wealth of new opportunities.

So, how do you choose which one is right for you? The primary factors in deciding which security certification to pursue should all be tied to specific career goals, the job market you’re wanting to be in, and your personal goals.

According to the most recent salary and job data, there are five certifications worth your time and effort whether you’re just getting started or looking to go further in your career. They are: Continue reading 5 Security Certifications That Will Boost Your IT Career

What is Security Awareness Training?

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You’ve heard the term. Security awareness training, also known as end-user security awareness training, is steadily growing as an industry standard for companies. But, what is it exactly? And, why does it matter?

Security awareness training is the official company proctored process for educating employees about computer security. This includes policies, procedures, and hands-on training on best practices for utilizing company technology and exercising due diligence on the company network. It’s pretty important. According to IBM’s 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, 25% of all security breaches are caused by employees. And, you’re losing time and money because of it.

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Is it Worthwhile to get the CompTIA Security+ Certification?

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What Skills are Learned in the CompTIA Security+ Course
Because the Security+ test is so comprehensive, many seek out preparation courses in advance. In any comprehensive Security+ Certification Prep Course, you will learn to:

  • Think broadly and widely to implement sound security protocols to address and reduce security risks
  • Quickly react to security issues as they arise, knowing what tools, technologies and skills are required to effectively thwart bad actors or actions
  • Triage past security breaches to identify potential remedies and to implement enhanced protections
  • Design, implement and manage a network, on-site or in the cloud, with security in mind

The above learnings, broken down more fully into a full course syllabus, typically run as follows:

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