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ITProFile: Stefanie Gunter, IT Support Specialist

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ITProFiles is an opportunity for you to connect with fellow members. Meet Stefanie:

What was the last ITProTV course you watched?

How has ITProTV helped you in your career?

  • Yes! I’ve had an account with ITProTV for a while. It’s nice having a discussion based video series. Different but it’s better than being “taught at”.

Tell us about your career/what you do. 

  • IT Support Specialist

One of ITProTV’s values is facing challenges with optimism. How did you face challenges with optimism? (tell us a crazy “on the job” story)!

  • I learned there is always a workaround. With that mindset, anything can be resolved. I don’t know about crazy but I recently used a bootable Linux USB to recover files on a system that crashed. My co-workers with over 15 years experience never thought to use Linux in that way!

What’s your dream computer setup?

  • Any computer with great CPU/Memory. I really like virtualization and love testing out multiple operating systems!

Who is your favorite Edutainer? 

  • Don. I think that’s his name, he’s so knowledgeable!

About ITProFiles: ITProFiles was created to recognize the wonderful people that work behind the scenes, and may go unnoticed to some. We’re here to say: ITProTV notices you!

How to Make a Successful Transition from Windows to Linux – and Why You Should Consider Making the Switch

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If you’ve been working with Windows for a long time, and you’re comfortable with it, there are plenty of good reasons to stay with it. The comfort factor is certainly one of them. The idea of changing to a new platform when the old one works just fine can feel intimidating, and if you already know what you’re doing, the notion of learning something entirely new isn’t always a welcome one.

Yet, even if Windows is still working for you, you may be ready to expand your skills or just want to try something new. In the past, developers have avoided Linux servers due to the perceived limitations of the operating system, but recent changes have made them attractive to a growing number of people.

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