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This is a part of an on-going blog series written by Adam Gordon. Each week, Adam will walk you through a PowerShell command, showing you when and how to use each one. This week, Adam covers Remove-Module.

When to use Remove-Module?

The Remove-Module cmdlet removes the members of a module, such as cmdlets and functions, from the current session.

If the module includes an assembly (.dll), all members that are implemented by the assembly are removed, but the assembly is not unloaded.

NOTE: This cmdlet does not uninstall the module or delete it from the computer. It affects only the current PowerShell session.

What version of PowerShell am I using for this blog?

Get the PowerShell Version from your machine:


This command shows you the PowerShell version information on your machine.

How to use Remove-Module?

Remove a module:


This command removes the module from the current session.

Remove modules by using the pipeline:

“Az.Accounts” | Remove-Module -Verbose

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