ITProFile: Welcoming challenges and managing staff

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ITProFiles is an opportunity for you to connect with fellow members. Meet Todd:

What was the last ITProTV course you watched?

How has ITProTV helped you in your career?

  • I’ve obtained my A+, Net+, Sec+, and SSCP leveraging your content. I’ve also watched hundreds of hours of content which interests me but I don’t desire to obtain the certifications.

Tell us about your career/what you do.

  • I have progressed rather quickly to my current position. I work for a managed IT service provider. As COO, I manage daily operations and a team of 10 technical staff. As CTO, I manage and direct the technologies we use to provide our services. That’s my job in a nutshell.

One of ITProTV’s values is facing challenges with optimism. How did you face challenges with optimism? (Tell us a crazy “on the job” story)!

  • I don’t have a crazy on the job story, but all challenges are an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. We should all welcome challenges since they mold us.

What’s your dream computer setup?

  • It’s modest: i9, 32GB RAM, dual gtx 1080 11GB cards, quad 24” monitors, and a suitable keyboard/mouse. I already have a comfortable gaming chair.

Who is your favorite Edutainer?

About ITProFiles: ITProFiles was created to recognize the wonderful people that work behind the scenes, and may go unnoticed to some. We’re here to say: ITProTV notices you!