ITProFile: Finding solutions under pressure

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ITProFiles is an opportunity for you to connect with fellow members. Meet Phill:

What was the last ITProTV course you watched?

How has ITProTV helped you in your career?

  • I’m a new member, but really enjoying the way the content is delivered. The Cysa+ is a follow on from my Security+ and is helping me develop my skills within the Security field. The course not only cements the knowledge I need for my role, but it also makes me think about how I can put some of the concepts in action in real life. I love the way the content is delivered, it really makes me want to keep watching and try other courses, but I need to focus one at a time!

Tell us about your career/what you do.

  • I’m a Senior Cyber Security Engineer at a computer software company in the UK. I look after day to day operations as well as evaluating and implementing new security solutions.

One of ITProTV’s values is facing challenges with optimism. How did you face challenges with optimism? (Tell us a crazy “on the job” story)!

  • I’d been doing a sys admin role previously, shortly after starting in security. I was dealing with a security incident and I had to quickly adapt to being able to sniff out and identify what was going on, contain it and resolve it whilst being under pressure from management to resolve it quickly! Trying not to put myself under too much pressure I had to think positive and be optimistic that i could contain it. I was able to contain and remediate with some of the skills learnt from ITProTV!

What’s your dream computer setup?

  • I’ve always been a fan of the Dell XPS towers – as long as there is enough processing power, memory and graphics to run a VM lab environment and do some gaming I’d be happy! Water cooling would also be a “cool” thing to have – unless it leaked…

Who is your favorite Edutainer?

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