ITProFile: Brandon Cooper, Sr. Process Control Engineer

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ITProFiles is an opportunity for you to connect with fellow members. Meet Brandon:

What was the last ITProTV course you watched?

How has ITProTV helped you in your career?

  • ITProTV has enabled me to get training on my schedule, whenever or wherever I am located. The videos from CCENT and CCNA have helped me raise my skillset from basic networking to a more advanced level of network configuration

Tell us about your career/what you do.

  • I am a controls engineer in a pulp/paper facility. We have a process control network (Fault Tolerant), with multiple Control System Servers, Workstations, PLC’s and other control equipment to maintain. I do network configuration for switches and routers, DCS and PLC Systems Administration, programming and troubleshooting of process systems primarily in the power generation and recovery boiler areas

One of ITProTV’s values is facing challenges with optimism. How did you face challenges with optimism? (Tell us a crazy “on the job” story)!

  • In the last 5 months, we have had a project to upgrade a part of our facility that produces a by-product of the paper making process. Initial estimates were 3-4 times the budget for the automation project. Using existing unused licenses, computer hardware etc.. and purchasing a RA PLC system, I did the programming and graphics, networking etc…for the project. We installed a very nice automation system with automated batch cooking functionality the older electronic and pneumatic controls were not capable of. We greatly increased cook consistencies, reduced time and variation and increased functionality of the system in a very small budget. I used some skills from ITPro.TV that I have learned in the last year to use one Cisco switch with multiple V-LANs to segregate the HMI system from the Level 1 Control System components. Turned out very nice.

What’s your dream computer setup?

  • A hardware system with triple redundancy, fully hot-swappable components and large enough processor and data storage capacity to run virtual machines for an entire facility

Who is your favorite Edutainer?

  • Don Pezet. He is very clear and easy to understand and he throws a bit of wit in every now and then that is entertaining

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