ITIL 4 Foundation exam tips

ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam Study Tips from someone who passed!

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In this special segment from ITProTV, ITIL® edutainer Jo Peacock interviews OfficePro edutainer, Vonne Smith, about passing the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam. Vonne was the host for Jo’s ITIL® 4 show, aside from that, she has no background in IT service management and governance training and does not hold any relative certifications. But, upon completion of the ITIL® 4 show, Vonne mentioned to Jo that she wanted to take the exam – and she passed! In this episode, she shares some tips and tricks to acing the test. 

The ITIL® 4 exam was released just one week ago. If you’re getting ready to begin studying for the exam, check out ITProTV. Access accredited training for all levels of ITIL at one low cost.

If you’re currently ITIL® certified and aren’t sure how about re-certification, check out this video where Jo and Vonne highlight the differences between ITIL® 3, the current version of ITIL®, and ITIL 4®.

When it comes to the certification scheme, the differences are pretty big. In this diagram, we’ve outlined how the current version of ITIL® and the new one compare side-by-side and the transitional exam between the two. 

As you can see, aside from ITIL® Foundation and ITIL® Master, all other parts of the certification scheme have changed. Now, after taking the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, you can choose between becoming an ITIL® Managing Professional or an ITIL® Strategic Leader by taking thei respective modules. An ITIL® Managing Professional needs to take the ITIL® Specialist and ITIL® Strategist levels to certify. To earn the ITIL® Strategic Leader certification, you must take ITIL® Strategist and ITIL® Leader. 

Note the transitional exam in the middle of the diagram. If you are currently ITIL® v3 Expert certified, this is the bridging exam that will allow you to easily re-certify in ITIL® 4. To be eligible, you must have either:

  • An ITIL® Expert certificate
  • A minimum of 17 credits earned from the Foundation, Intermediate, or Practitioner modules
  • 15 credits from the ITIL® 3 level along with an ITIL® 4 Foundation certification

At the top of the certification scheme, we again have ITIL® Master, the highest ITIL® certification. 

This diagram is meant to show you also what courses ITProTV currently has in the Course Library. ITProTV offers accredited ITIL® training with Jo Peacock – the pass rate for ITIL® training courses she has taught is 98%. 

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