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How Cisco Training Can Take Your IT Team to the Next Level

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The IT team is at the heart of the business for most end users. They are relied on by everyone across the organization for everything from gaining access to resources or restoring them. As an IT Administrator, you may also have assigned them to different projects that needed to be completed for your organization, but there are always, the “by the way…” hallway impromptu requests. It makes them the in-demand team needed by everyone. 

Your IT team knows there will always be users to support, accounts or devices need troubleshooting or projects that need completing.  While activity is a good thing, the job can easily become procedural for them. Over time the team might start simply “clocking in and clocking out.” The pattern becomes the de facto operating procedure daily. It may become more challenging for your team to “find something to do” because they have become so good at what they’re doing.  

To break this cycle of repetition and keep your team engaged in their work, you need to challenge them to grow their skillset so they can be prepared for any issue that may arise and know that the organization supports their individual growth.   

You probably already know that certifications are great because it’s a measurable achievement.  Like you, I have several industry certifications like Microsoft, CompTIA, VMware, Palo Alto, and Cisco certifications.  They have all helped me to gain some knowledge and have been useful in my IT career. Although they are all great certifications, the training behind those certifications is what can really make a difference for your team. 

As you’re an IT administrator, you know Cisco certifications are highly regarded in the industry. Why? The training. Cisco training sets itself above other training because of at least 3 reasons 

  • Cisco training is always challenging.  
  • Cisco training is grounded in skill-building.  
  • Cisco training builds confidence through practice. 

Cisco training is always challenging 

Cisco training is challenging at every level. Whether you’re starting with the CCT or CCNA training as a new or junior network technician, or you’re an experienced IT Professional choosing CCNP level training. Cisco training will always challenge the IT professional skills you have because with Cisco training, you learn what you’re doing and how to begin doing it (CCT and CCNA level).  Then you learn the “Why?” at the CCNP level.  This is important because context is everything when choosing what to do when depends on the why. This is what you want from your IT team.  Cisco training will always make your IT team ask the why. 

Cisco training is grounded in skill-building 

All certification trainings have a different approach. For example, CompTIA training focuses on theory and Microsoft focuses on learning the details of the technology. 

Cisco training is different in that fact all of it is grounded in skill-building. All training is grounded in making you do it again and again until it’s second nature for you to think at the skill level needed to complete a task. This is true if you’re talking about configuring or if you’re needing to make a subnetting decision or troubleshooting.  

Cisco certifications are difficult for many reasons, but one reason, in particular, is that you cannot be successful without the skills you learned in your training. Cisco certification exams challenge beyond your knowledge of the technology by challenging your skills. 

Cisco training builds confidence through practice 

In Cisco training, you practice and practice, every day until you know you’re confident in your abilities. Some of the most challenging Cisco training gives you the results that are expected and get you to do it your way or according to parameters (think CCIE level).  Once you complete that training experience, it’s not that you know everything it’s just that you’re more confident in what every you may face.  You start thinking of what is needed to accomplish your goals. 

If you or someone one your team is preparing for a Cisco exam, check out this free, on-demand webinar on the tools you can use to get more hands-on experience with Cisco technologies.  

How Your Team Can Improve with Cisco Training 

Your IT team needs Cisco training regardless of whether you’re a Cisco shop or not because of the challenge it provides to everyone on your team to think not only of how and what to do, but also why. Your team will be able to apply the skills learned when they are faced with these challenges.  

Cisco training seeks to build skills your team needs that go beyond Cisco technology. Through the challenges they will face in the training, your team will build confidence in themselves and the technologies they work with so they can do their jobs more effectively.  

Lastly, investing in training for your team let’s them know that they are valued by the organization and you want them to grow as individuals. This can help build moral on the team and help lower turnover rates.  

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