Edutainers’ Greatest Hits – Study Playlists

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Studying for an IT certification exam? You got this! ITProTV has over 4000+ hours of online IT training videos you’ll actually want to watch. If your 2019 resolutions include earning certs or gaining new IT skills, the ITProTV edutainers have put together special study playlists to help you jam and cram for your exams. Happy studying!

Don’s Playlist

I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is, well, The Cure. And several other 80s new wave staples. That’s how I get down when I’m cramming for AWS or Cisco certifications.


Cherokee’s Playlist

How do you stay focused when you’re studying up on PowerShell scripting or Windows containers? With the help of my sister from another mister, Britney Spears, that’s how. With a little Skrillex thrown in for good measure, you’ll have no problem staying awake.


Adam’s Playlist

The only thing more diverse than my IT certifications is my taste in music. No matter what you’re studying for, I’ve got a track that can help. From Coolio to the Commodores and Elvis to Evanescence, it’s nearly 6 hours of musical bliss.


Ronnie’s Playlist

Remember those old Time Life ads for smooth rock of the 1970s? Let’s just say I have the 12-cassette collection. Crosby, Stills, & Nash get me through Cisco while Bread relaxes me during CompTIA study sessions. And don’t get me started on James Taylor.


Daniel’s Playlist

Trust me – you’re gonna be hot for this teacher’s playlist. With a healthy dose of glam rock and 90s alternative and some of my newer favorites peppered in, you’ll have a great soundtrack as you study for pen testing and security exams.


Jo’s Playlist

God save Queen, and Bon Jovi. When you’re cramming for your ITIL certifications, stay alert with the help of Wham!, Spandau Ballet, and the Proclaimers. Then celebrate passing with a Hallelujah from K.D. Lang.


Justin’s Playlist

If you know me, you know that, like an onion, I am made up of many layers. Then it won’t surprise you that my study playlist bounces from Dan Tyminski to Drowning Pool and CeeLo Green. Every programming language is different and requires a unique soundtrack.


Aubrianna’s Playlist

Let’s start with tunes that make you cry before taking a brief trip to the 70s. Modern pop from two boss ladies gets to your soul next before we get fully hyped in the modern rap/hip-hop zone. Peter Gabriel? He’s cool I guess…Lastly, we close with show tunes & exit with Beethoven (also hype music).


Mike’s Playlist

You look at me and assume my iPod is loaded with Michael Bolton and Kenny G? Well, you’re wrong. I’m a straight trap king, blasting tracks from Baauer, Yellow Claw, and Flosstradamus. That’s right, I listen to the 808 as a prep for Microsoft Server 2008.


Wes’ Playlist

Need something to help you stay awake for some CompTIA cramming? Well, have I got the playlist for you! Slay your exam with Slayer, and knock out your next cert with a Five Finger Death Punch!


Zach’s Playlist

I get to work with a lot of different edutainers covering a slew of different topics, so I need a wide variety in my playlist. Join me to rock out to Queen, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Styx, and a heavy helping of Meatloaf.

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