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Edutainers’ Greatest Hits – Study Playlists

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Studying for an IT certification exam? You got this! ITProTV has over 4000+ hours of online IT training videos you’ll actually want to watch. If your 2019 resolutions include earning certs or gaining new IT skills, the ITProTV edutainers have put together special study playlists to help you jam and cram for your exams. Happy studying!

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In the News: Your ITIL®4 Update from Jo Peacock

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You may have heard that there is a new version of ITIL®, ITIL® 4, coming out in early 2019. As an ITIL® 3 certified individual or someone looking to earn an ITIL® certification, you’re probably curious what this new version means to you. Here to give you the latest update, is ITProTV Edutainer Jo Peacock. Check out these two quick videos on what is confirmed to be new in the upcoming version – ITIL® 4.

Jo Answers the Common Questions:
What’s new in the ITIL® 4 version?
Is your ITIL® 3 certification still valid?
Should you wait to take your ITIL® certification exams?
When will ITProTV start filming training for ITIL® 4?

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How to configure multiple networks on one router

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Anyone who spent late nights playing video games in their friend’s dorm remembers the joys of setting up a local-area network (LAN) in the days before Wi-Fi. While setting up multiple LANs made for a fun night of gaming with friends, setting up multiple networks on a single router offers a number of vital benefits to today’s businesses and IT professionals.

But given the headaches of deploying and maintaining just a single network on a router, many network admins – or just those managing networks at home – tend to shy away from configuring multiple LANs on a single router.

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