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How to Create a Penetration Test Report

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In the realm of cybersecurity, one of the more exciting jobs is that of a Penetration Tester. You get to legally hack real production networks looking for vulnerabilities and hopefully gaining rootsystem/nt authority, or DomainAdmin(DA) access.  

This can conjure up images of firing off your latest exploits to pop a reverse shell, then running your best privesc scripts, and finally issuing that whoami command to reveal your admin level access. What a job! But… 

The job isn’t over yet, now you need to write up your findings into a professional-looking report for the client. This, after all, is ultimately the final product you sold them when bidding on the job.  I’m going to show you what many clients are looking for in reports and give you a sample report that I created.

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How Azure Blueprints Implement Governance

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Just like that, out of nowhere, a neon green Camaro cut Kara off forcing a mash of the brake pedal and a slight jerk. Their vehicles didn’t collide and there were a solid 3 inches of clearance between their bumpers in the sea of brake lights. Such a close call would alarm most people, or at least get some adrenaline pumping, but Kara had bigger fish to fry.

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