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Inside the New Window Terminal  

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Microsoft released a new command-line tool called Windows Terminal. Microsoft says the application is “modern, fast, efficient, powerful, and productive”. The new application gives you the option for tabbed terminal interfaces to bring together a variety of command-line tools and shells such as PowerShell, PowerShell Core, Command Prompt, and the Windows subsystem for Linux distribution (Kali, Ubuntu, ect.). Here are some more features:  Continue reading Inside the New Window Terminal  

ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam Study Tips from someone who passed!

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In this special segment from ITProTV, ITIL® edutainer Jo Peacock interviews OfficePro edutainer, Vonne Smith, about passing the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam. Vonne was the host for Jo’s ITIL® 4 show, aside from that, she has no background in IT service management and governance training and does not hold any relative certifications. But, upon completion of the ITIL® 4 show, Vonne mentioned to Jo that she wanted to take the exam – and she passed! In this episode, she shares some tips and tricks to acing the test. 

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Edutainers’ Greatest Hits – Study Playlists

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Studying for an IT certification exam? You got this! ITProTV has over 4000+ hours of online IT training videos you’ll actually want to watch. If your 2019 resolutions include earning certs or gaining new IT skills, the ITProTV edutainers have put together special study playlists to help you jam and cram for your exams. Happy studying!

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