Blueprint for an IT Team That Will Scale with Your Business

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As a business leader, you’ve learned firsthand that the cornerstone of any great team is the people. Without a talented, committed team, it’s difficult — if not impossible — to meet your organizational goals.

That being said, the challenge for all leaders is to build teams that collectively will take a business to the next level. And if you’re wondering, it’s not your imagination. It really is a little trickier to build a scalable team in IT. That’s because it’s not just about finding people with the technical know-how required to build and maintain your systems. With that in mind, here’s a blueprint to ensure that you have a team that can scale to match the needs of your business.

Step 1: Get the key roles on board

While all organizations differ based on your industry and size, there is general agreement on the essential roles. Early on, you may have one person handling multiple roles and, as you grow, there may be an entire team for each role (e.g. a manager plus multiple engineers/analysts). These roles will all report to a Director of IT, a CIO, or a similar title.

See the key roles needed for your IT team and the rest of the steps to scale your team by downloading the rest of this guide for free. You’ll learn:

  • Organize your team for current and future growth
  • Engage and be productive with quality training
  • How to get started

Download the guide here.