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Does my IT certification expire and how do I recertify?  

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The life cycle of a certification 

Your certification proves your knowledge of a skill or product. To stay competitive in your career and prove your expertise, it’s important that you keep your certifications up to date.  

Earning a certification is no small feat. After putting in the hours to study and practice for your exam, it’s important to know how long the value of that certification will last for you and what you’ll need to do to maintain it. Here, we’ll review when and how to renew some of the most popular IT certifications 

Why does my IT certification expire?  

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Maximizing Virtualization Requires Minimizing Vulnerabilities

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Virtualization has proven to be one of the most transformative technologies of recent years, offering significant improvements to efficiency as well as cost savings and a high return on investment within the data center environment. However, for all of the benefits of virtualization, there are still risks, and unfortunately, many businesses underestimate the security risks of virtualization, or believe that they can use the same security tactics in a virtualized environment as they do in others.

That isn’t necessarily the case. While virtualization is inherently more secure in some ways, it also has a few vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Various industry groups have investigated the vulnerabilities and identified a rather extensive list, but the following are some of the biggest priorities when it comes to security.

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The Ultimate Guide to IT Certifications

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A complete guide to IT certifications 

The tech industry is rapidly expanding, and the demand for IT skills in the workforce is growing. A career in IT can be rewarding and has longevity. In order to thrive in a tech career, it is important to stay uptodate with the ever-changing world of technology by earning certifications. With many options like security, networking, cloud, sys admin, and dev, it can be challenging to know how to get started or what the next step in your certification path is. Here is the ultimate guide to IT certifications.  

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