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How Azure Blueprints Implement Governance

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Just like that, out of nowhere, a neon green Camaro cut Kara off forcing a mash of the brake pedal and a slight jerk. Their vehicles didn’t collide and there were a solid 3 inches of clearance between their bumpers in the sea of brake lights. Such a close call would alarm most people, or at least get some adrenaline pumping, but Kara had bigger fish to fry.

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Does my IT certification expire and how do I recertify?  

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The life cycle of a certification 

Your certification proves your knowledge of a skill or product. To stay competitive in your career and prove your expertise, it’s important that you keep your certifications up to date.  

Earning a certification is no small feat. After putting in the hours to study and practice for your exam, it’s important to know how long the value of that certification will last for you and what you’ll need to do to maintain it. Here, we’ll review when and how to renew some of the most popular IT certifications 

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