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Raspberry Spy: How Daniel Built His Own Red-Team Tool

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Recently I’ve taken my first steps into the wonderful world of the Raspberry Pi. I know you’re probably thinking what took me so long, right? But hey, better late than never. Anyway, now I’m kinda hooked on the things and I’ve become a solution looking for a problem; always on the hunt for a cool new project. This was the impetus of my latest project. Let me break it down for you.

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Daniel Lowrie’s Journey to eJPT

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A few weeks ago I signed up for eLearnsecurity’s(eLS) Penetration Testing Student(PTP) course along with vouchers for the eLS Junior Penetration Tester(eJTP) certification exam. This was all due to the overwhelmingly positive responses I was seeing throughout the security community surrounding the eLS certs.

But could the training and certification experience be THAT good? I liked what I was hearing about it and the ‘Elite’ package for eJPT was only $500 for a practical pentesting certification with dedicated labs, 3 retake vouchers, etc; how could I say no?

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