How Earning the SSCP Certification Helps Your Career

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When you’re new to the world of IT, the alphabet soup of certifications can feel a bit overwhelming. Which ones are the most valuable? Which ones should I earn first? Do I really need to earn them at all?

The answer to that last question is simple: Yes, you need to earn IT certifications. While some companies are willing to hire candidates who don’t have certifications but have demonstrable skills and experience, most won’t even consider applications who don’t have at least entry-level credentials. The question then becomes: Where do I start?

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Maximizing Virtualization Requires Minimizing Vulnerabilities

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Virtualization has proven to be one of the most transformative technologies of recent years, offering significant improvements to efficiency as well as cost savings and a high return on investment within the data center environment. However, for all of the benefits of virtualization, there are still risks, and unfortunately, many businesses underestimate the security risks of virtualization, or believe that they can use the same security tactics in a virtualized environment as they do in others.

That isn’t necessarily the case. While virtualization is inherently more secure in some ways, it also has a few vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Various industry groups have investigated the vulnerabilities and identified a rather extensive list, but the following are some of the biggest priorities when it comes to security.

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