5 Security Certifications That Will Boost Your IT Career

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If you have been on the fence about whether or not a security certification would benefit your IT career, the short answer is – yes. Putting in the time and effort to earn an in-demand certification can significantly boost your salary. Also, it may open doors to a wealth of new opportunities.

So, how do you choose which one is right for you? The primary factors in deciding which security certification to pursue should all be tied to specific career goals, the job market you’re wanting to be in, and your personal goals.

According to the most recent salary and job data, there are five certifications worth your time and effort whether you’re just getting started or looking to go further in your career. They are: Continue reading 5 Security Certifications That Will Boost Your IT Career

What is going on over at Microsoft? AZ – 100, 101, and 103 explained

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Last September, at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Microsoft showcased several new role-based certifications. As an early adopter, I naturally was excited to learn about the new certifications and began researching and preparing to take the AZ-100 and AZ-101 certification exams. I have already sat and passed the AZ-100 exam, and I have begun preparing to teach a course to help people earn the new Azure Administrator role. Well, if you haven’t read the new yet, surprise! Microsoft has just released information stating that both of the exams will be retiring as of May 1, 2019. This comes only a few short months after their debut! So, whether or not you have already passed, or started studying and planning to take the exams, take a breath. Let’s discuss what this change means for you. For a more infomation on getting certified in IT, check out the Ultimate Guide to IT Certifications

Continue reading What is going on over at Microsoft? AZ – 100, 101, and 103 explained

ITProFile: Rakesh Ramji, Client Hardware Technician

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ITProFiles is an opportunity for you to connect with fellow members. Meet Rakesh:

What was the last ITProTV course you watched?

How has ITProTV helped you in your career?

  • Yes in progress. Helps to fill in the gaps and keep skills more relevant and up to date.

Tell us about your career/what you do. 

  • IT Support and project resource for deployments

One of ITProTV’s values is facing challenges with optimism. How did you face challenges with optimism? (tell us a crazy “on the job” story)!

  • Picture challenges as walking into the lions den. Coming out alive is a win.

What’s your dream computer setup?

  • Not really thought through… large multi use display that’s fast, quiet, and easy to maintain.

Who is your favorite Edutainer? 

About ITProFiles: ITProFiles was created to recognize the wonderful people that work behind the scenes, and may go unnoticed to some. We’re here to say: ITProTV notices you!